We supply:
Seed of a wide range of Australian trees and shrubs, including tropical, temperate, cold-tolerant and arid-zone species. Provenance details can be provided for many collections of eucalypts and acacias.

About Us

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The Australian Seed Company was established in 1957. We specialise in the collection, processing and sale of tree and shrub seeds, particularly those of Australian origin.

The company is owned and managed by Bourne Forestry Services Pty. Ltd. (ACN: 001 023 445), forest consultants and forest managers, having over forty years experience in commercial forestry and the silvicultural requirements of Australian plant species.

This company was one of the very earliest organisations to service the growing interest in seeds of Australian plants, not only for commercial forestry, but also for land revegetation, salinity control, and a multitude of other uses. During the past fifty years, the drought-hardiness of many species has been demonstrated in both local and overseas situations, and the unique Australian flora has become much more widely recognised and appreciated.

Consequently, in addition to a wide range of tree and shrub seeds, we now stock seeds of many native grasses, wildflowers and wetland species, as well as a selection of introduced tree and shrub species most commonly used in this country.

    Our aim is to offer seeds:

  • of a wide range of species
  • of the highest quality
  • of consistent and reliable productivity
  • thoroughly cleaned
  • and at a realistic price

… and we try hard to deliver your seeds within your requested time frame. Constructive comments by customers which help us to achieve these aims are really appreciated, and given very careful consideration.